We the host of this site are apologising for the long absence of updates in this site. we promise to keep you people out there updated on our issues from now always.


Alot has just happened during this time of absence. such has been the missionary trips to remote places where the gospel has been efectively preached to the lost souls. Places like Mbengkas has been reached with the gospel as the  photos show.



1 Chronicles 4:9-10

4:9 And Jabez was more honourable than his brethren: and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, Because I bare him with sorrow.
4:10 And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.


The theme of this conference ‘Enlarge my coast’ which is taken from 1Chronicles 4:9-10, is the story of an Israelite from the tribe of Judah who was born under painful circumstance in the life of the mother and in fact the mother gave his name in respect to what she was feeling. Every child is born in pain for every woman here will testify that there is pain during child birth. So what we have to learn today is;

Topic:         THE CRY OF JABEZ

We are here to pray for this is a prayer conference. Jabez is a Biblical character of interest though his reference is found only in two verses of the Bible, he is be to taken serious note for his prayer. This chapter just has mention of names and nothing more added to it. I prophesy that by the end of this program your name will not just only be mentioned in the pages of life but will be mentioned as a history maker, world changer, earth shaker, and carrier of the good news to every nation, and embarked on seeing the kingdom of God to come and for his to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Every time Paul the Apostle was mention in the bible, was for a reason.

Jabez was born in deep sorrow for that reason his mother named him sorrow saying because I put you to birth in sorrow, he lived to manifest his name because in Hebrew, the name is ‘being’ remember when Moses asked the name of God, He said ‘ I AM THAT I AM’.

There are some people here whose names are living after them and all you need to do is to change it today in your words before God.

There was also a time of religious compromise in Israel in the days of Eli the priest, God judge the people bitterly and in one day Eli the priest, his son Phinehas died and the Ark of the covenant was captured. When the news reached the city it was the time the wife of Phinehas was putting to birth and she cried over the child saying ‘ the glory of the lord is departed’, that the meaning of the word ICHABOD. The guy had nobody to change his name and he lived up to that name. Your mother may give you a bad name, your father may give a bad name, your uncle may give a bad name I don’t border about who gave you’re a bad name, I came to announce to you that you are changing your name and destiny today because of what Christ did on the cross on your behalf. The   last character we are looking about name issue is called BENJAMIN. Jacob was with the father in-law when he was living, the wife stole the gods of the father, somebody say ‘my God cannot be stolen’ the father discovered it may be when he went to worship that the god was not there and discovered that may be Jacob has stolen the god and he went after them. When he made them Jacob denied for he never knew the where about for true, but the wife Rachael being in the manner of the woman was not allowed to be displaced, therefore she sat on the idols. But a curse was laid concerning the idols. Now when it was time for her to put to birth, it was extremely difficult for her. For that reason she named the child BENONI ‘meaning child of my sorrow, in other words she was transferring the curse of the idol to the child. Thank God for the father who was around and heard her said it. He asked what did I hear you called the child? Benoni , and the father filled with the Holy Spirit said ‘ he shall not be called so’ , ‘he shall be called the child of my right hand, the child of my days for he is born to me at my age’. Somebody might not be have been there when they were giving birth to you to rename your name, but there is still hope for the living, there is time for everything and your time for manifestation has just come for your own territory to be enlarged.

Jabez never had a father, the father had died, at least he could have cried to the grand father but he was no more, born to be great and honorable but no way. Maybe he even read about how Jacob changed the name of Benjamin and said to himself ‘had it been I was Benjamin I will not suffer like this’. People were seeing Jabez to be a honorable man but they never knew what he was going through, you may be here people are looking at you to have succeeded but you know right in you that what you are going through is above your power. I came to tell you that there is a Jesus who is a life changer, He is the same yesterday, He is the same today, He is the same for ever more, when he says yes no one can say no, when he lifts you up no one can bring you.

Jabez never prayed only for a day, he never prayed only for a month, he prayed consistently, he never allowed his situation to put him down. He would come back from prayer and things unchanged but he knew that God of Israel was able to answer him. He prayed like Elijah giving himself no rest and giving God no rest. This is high time to rise up and say enough is enough and you call for that change you are looking for. Today people want prophets to pray for them because He is not their God but only that the prophets.



Jabez went to God knowing what he wanted. He never prayed to an idol neither did pray to God and idol the same time. He did not go around asking the government to help him, he knew where his help would come from that it was not in the south nor the north but the Lord. He prayed always and God heard him. I don’t know how long you have been praying, keep praying in this three days and I tell you that before the days are over you will receive answer to your prayers in Jesus name.


‘Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed’ His prayer was a vow though he keep it deep within him. He prayed the same kind of prayers that Hanar prayer to have Samuel.


We have four things:

  • God’s Blessings; he knew what was the promise of God for the descendants of Abraham. He knew that if he is a descendant of and lack blessing then there must be something wrong. So for you to pray, you must know what the word of God is saying of that your prayers.
  • God would enlarge his coast; that was to prosper his endeavors. Here is a big point for us; our theme. This is high time God enlarge the coast of the children of God. Isaiah 54: 2-3 talks of this enlargement.
  • That the hand of God might be with him; there is nothing more comforting in live than the hand of the most high. Moses prayed this kind of prayer in Deut 33:7. Jesus said he will be with us in MATHEW 28:20. The Apostles prayed in ACTS 4:30 and there were signs and wonders.
  • That God will keep from evil; he knew that when there is blessing, there will be jealousy, he prayed That for the protection and preservation of God. You can read Ps 91.


  1. WHAT WAS THE SUCCESS OF HIS PRAYER? God answered him by granting his request. That God is still the same and so waiting till now for you to pray. Rise to your feet for prayers



It has really been long without updates in this website. It is not that we were gone completely but just that there were somethings to be arranged.

By the grace of God, the gospel has been preached to many places.

  1. Starting with Mmen, during our missionary week, the Gospel of recsurrection was preached to the people with the emphacies on the need to see man as God sees man and not with patiality. This was taken from Acts 10:34 where PETER the Apoostle talking of the Gentiles coming to Christ hilighted to his Jewish brothers what has taken place in the house of Conilius. So this is the time God is not calling out people by the reason of their race nor tribe nor tongue nor color BUT on one condition that ” that anyone who believes in the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior will be saved”
  2. The prison ministry is still going on with many prisonners commiting their lives to serve Jesus our Lord as their avior. I preparing 5 persons to be baptized not long from now. One thing that interest me is the acceptance of one muslim elderly man to be baptized. We need prayers in this ministry so much so that the kingdom of dackness will bow to the holy name of our Lord Jesus and we will with Him set the captives free.

The 20th may celebration

It was really good to enjoy the National Day of reconciliation by first reconciling with the Master. This explains why we decided to do the celebration in Church in deep praise and worship. This was a youth come together of special numbers sung and serious dancings. We plan to always use this opportunity for evangelism and praises to God every May 20th.

There have been times of great reunification in the lives of many people and nations but the greatest of all has been the reconciliation of the spirit with its creator who has ever longed for it to the level of making humans to be His joint-workers in the act. We are ministers of reconciliation according to 2nd Corinthians 5: 19-21.

We must be active in this work of reconciliation, it should be our burden for people coming back to their creator at no personal cost on their side but at price paid by a different person ‘Lord Jesus’. If any will only believe this, he will be saved whether he just believe right inside the Most Holy Mosques in Mecca and Medina. Where ever one may be, if he bows down the head and ask God to forgive him for his sins through the work of Christ an offer of Grace through faith, he will be saved. Jesus came that you may have life to the fullest. It is an offer, will you receive it now? Then just ask him to come into your life now.


Many are those i have found complaining that there is no means for them to go fishing for the lost souls. It has always been in my mind to go get them where they are for that is the way Jesus did when he walked the planet earth.We should have the burden to preach the word now that we are still alive. Get to where they are; in the streets, villages, and needy homes like those in this photos. We should carry this message of love in demonstration.


It is a great thing to be involved in soul winning. The opportunity to win souls is always at our door step but sometime we go on postponing it to the future by planing a particular time for that exercise which always end up in doing little or nothing of what was planned. I had joy preaching to prisoners.                                                                         Under the topic: THE SPIRIT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE  from the book of Luke 4:18, i told the prisoners that Jesus was anointed to preach the good news to the poor of which all of us are poor. This poverty is not just the financial poverty but also and most important the spiritual poverty. So where is the difference ? The difference is in everyone one who repents and follow the Lord Jesus Chist as his lord and savior. People like Joseph was in prison but the spirit of God made the difference in his life though was there for 12 years, he never thought at any day to be a looser in life because he knew that God had given him a dream and at the fullness of time he was made the prime minister of Egypt. So what shall we say ? if the spirit of God is in you even if you are a prisoner, you will still make the difference upon your release and can be like Nelson Mandela of South Africa.  So if any man be in Christ he is a new creation meaning the old rebeliouse life is gone. God is looking for an opportunity to use someone here as a President will you be the one? This is the mesSage i gave to prisoners in FUNDONG Municipal Prison on the 31st of APRIL 2015.